About Us

Exceptional Service In Southern Nevada

Elaphos Environmental, LLC, a certified woman-owned business in Las Vegas, NV, was established in 2021, bringing over 15 years of environmental expertise. Specializing in comprehensive environmental services for industrial projects, including transmission lines, gas pipelines, solar energy projects, and highways, ...

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Expert Biological Services

Our team of highly skilled biologists, with extensive education and experience, offers a broad spectrum of services, including surveys for desert tortoises, avian species, rare plants, and threatened/endangered species throughout the Western United States. Understanding the intricacies of ecosystems, our ...

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Our Backstory

With degrees in biology and environmental sciences, we launched our careers as groundfish observers/field biologists in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska before transitioning to the Mojave, where we focused on desert tortoises. Progressing from monitors to lead biologists on infrastructure projects, we eventually ...

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